Full Anneal and Zone Annealing

Annealing beryllium copper or brass reduces the metal to a stress-free state that improves performance during cold working. At Kager Industries, we provide small-part annealing and zone annealing for C173 beryllium-copper and brass alloys. Annealing limits the potential for metal cracking during the cold-working process and is commonly used in applications where a component is bent or crimped.

Annealing Capabilities

Annealing requires careful heating of BeCU-C173 or brass connectors to a specified temperature that allows recrystallization. Kager Industries’ CNC Swiss machine shop houses heat-treating and annealing ovens that hold precise temperatures throughout the duration of the process.

Zone Annealing Capabilities

Zone annealing targets a small portion of the component, allowing us to anneal the desired area while leaving the component’s temper unaffected. Kager Industries’ CNC controlled flame-annealing equipment accomplishes this task with pinpoint accuracy.

Benefits of Kager Zone Annealing

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