Tumble Blasting Services

Tumble blasting and sandblasting processes use fine sand to clean and put a refined matte or satin finish on Kager-made metal parts. As part of our turnkey machining and tooling expertise, we provide tumble-blasting services that meet a variety of manufacturing and finishing requirements:

  • Parts descaling & de-burring
  • Uniform surface texturing
  • Contaminant & debris removal
  • Cleaning & cosmetic appeal
  • Polishing & rounding of corners
  • Preparation for anodizing & laser engraving
  • Anti-reflective properties

Tumble Blasting Capabilities

Kager Industries is proud to serve clients in a variety of sectors, and we are continually expanding our industry partnerships. From firearms and archery sites to connectors and automotive parts, our full-service machining and finishing operations come with personalized service that assures satisfaction throughout every project phase. Tumble blasting is ideal for applications like high-end hunting scopes and firearm optics, microscope rings, and small medical device parts due to its ability to refine the look, feel and functionality of these small components.

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