Debris can permeate the surface of a metal part during machining, making it vulnerable to environmental and chemical exposure. As part of our custom CNC machining and finishing services, Kager Industries provides citric passivation treatments that inhibit surface damage and helps machined parts withstand harsh exposure. During this environmentally friendly process that meets ASTM-A967 specifications, contaminants are removed, and a film of metal oxide is deposited onto the substrate to create a protective layer.

Turnkey Passivation Solutions

Kager’s ASTM-A967-compliant citric passivation process does not use harsh chemicals. As a more eco-friendly option, it still lends remarkable durability to stainless surfaces. Passivation is designed to prevent pitting, etching or component failure due to corrosion, and it produces these benefits:

  • Removal of unsightly rust & other impurities
  • Enhanced corrosion & weathering resistance
  • Humidity & water resistance
  • Improved product durability & longevity
  • Smooth, attractive appearance

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Partnering with clients across dozens of industries to meet their unique application requirements, Kager Industries is a CNC Swiss machine shop specializing in machining and tooling, etching, broaching, passivation and more. Managing runs as few as five or as many as ten million parts, we’re an industry leader in small component production for government, medical, and automotive projects

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