Beryllium Copper Machined Parts

Kager Industries carries an extensive inventory of materials for our machined parts. Serving a diverse line of industries, we are continually upgrading to ensure we take advantage of the latest technology to provide our customers with the highest quality parts and materials available. Beryllium copper has many specialized applications in the industries we serve. Combining high strength & conductivity with a heat-treatable copper that is also non-magnetic and non-sparking, it is used in the following applications:

Other Names for Beryllium Copper

Beryllium copper can be heat-treated to improve its strength, durability and electrical conductivity and is resistant to non-oxidizing acids and abrasive wear. Beryllium copper is also known as:

  • C173
  • ASTM B-196
  • M25

Other Copper Alloys

Other copper alloys we machine include:

  • C145
  • C544
  • C792
  • C97

The Kager Difference

Precision machining solutions are our specialty and since 1967, we have sought out better manufacturing techniques to accommodate all applications and the selection of the materials we use.

Kager Industries is equipped with 72 Swiss automatic machines of the highest quality, all maintained and serviced in-house. Deadline driven, the Kager team adheres to the strictest of quality control procedures. Our mission is to provide our customers with quality parts, delivered in a timely manner and at a fair price.

Please contact us today and let our knowledgeable sales team assist you with your beryllium copper machined parts applications.

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