CNC Machined Fishing Components

Kager Industries provides custom design and manufacturing of custom machined fishing reel components. With our capabilities to accommodate orders from 5 pieces to 10 million pieces, we have undertaken a multitude of product challenges. View some of our CNC machined fishing reel parts.

We are deadline driven and have learned from intense on- the- job experience the mass production methods best applicable for your applications. Whether your fishing reel specifications are needed for recreational or competitive applications, Kager is your most cost effective choice for your swiss cnc machined fishing reel parts.

Our expertise and knowledge has allowed us to manufacture shafts, fishing lures, reel handles, Carolina rig weights and more. Kager uses the highest quality materials available for these applications, most commonly uses brass, plastic, stainless 303 and 6061.

A complete CNC facility, Kager Industries is equipped with 72 Swiss automatic machines of the highest quality available in the light tooling industry. Our highly trained technicians maintain and service our equipment in-house, enhancing our quick turnaround capabilities.

Our experienced design team specializes in custom quality solutions. Contact Kager Industries today to discuss your fishing reel component CNC machining needs.

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