Swiss CNC Parts Production

Machined Parts ProductionTaking a proactive approach to new product development, Kager Industries is the answer to your design challenges. Our many years of experience and knowledge allows us to generate and recommend solutions in delivering the best possible product.

Often times a simple change in a more cost effective material, a similar application and an alternate idea can be the components to a successful product.

The Kager teams’ goal is always to increase the performance and profitability of an already successful product.

Kager Industries is equipped with 72 Swiss automatic machines and precision machining solutions are our specialty. We can accommodate your orders of custom production from 1000 pieces to 20,000 pieces.

A complete CNC Swiss machine shop, Kager Industries is an expert at delivering product performance with little to no increase in manufacturing costs.

Committed to our clients’ success, Kager works closely with each client to provide solutions to challenging production applications. We are deadline driven and dedicated to customer satisfaction. We provide our clients with quality parts, delivered in a reasonable time and at a fair price.

CNC Machining ProductionLet the experts at Kager Industries solve your production challenges. We can assist you in eliminating an entire process or simply recommending a compatible material to make your production more cost effective. Contact Kager today and learn about our production services.

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